17 Ranch Broodmares

           Our broodmares are the base of our program, and we have carefully chosen a group of beautiful, athletic, easy to train mares that have the physical and mental traits we desire to reproduce. Selected from proven performance bloodlines, both old and new, we gravitate towards predominately cutting and cowhorse bloodlines for the quality, versatility, and value those bloodlines have proven to produce. These mares are a select group with outstanding pedigree.

           They have proven to be talented with willing minds , conformation, cow sense, bloodlines and soundness we all look for in a good mare. And they consistently produce those qualities. We raise horses that last. They are sound, good boned horses that are as versatile as you are!

           From the trails to the ranch to the arena, you will be proud to own a horse from the 17 Ranch.

Choice Cut of Boon
2008 Sorrel Mare AQHA# 5104093

Smart Instant Choice SR Instant Choice Doc's Hickory
Stylish Lynx
Smart Millilena Smart Little Lena
Millie Montana
CD Boonjos In Me 073 CD Blue Boon In Me CD Olena
Dualin Boonjos
Lady Lakeland Quixote Doc
Lakeland Kilebar

This is Boonjos first foal and she is a knockout. Pretty, pretty. Boonjos sire, CD Blue Boon In Me, was by the famous CD Olena and out of Dualin Boonjos, a full sister to Autumn Boon, the top producing daughter of the famous mare Royal Blue Boon. CD Blue Boon In Me was Dualin Boonjos only foal, and has earned just over $4300 in the NCHA .That foal was the stallion CD Blue Boon In Me. The proven worth of these bloodlines lives on.

CD Boonjos In Me was ridden her 3 year old year and started on cattle. She is very cowy and tracked them naturally. She is a very easy going mare who is continuing to blossom as she ages, and we feel blessed to have her. This filly’s pedigree is an excellent ‘black type’ you can take to the bank.

The sire to Boonjos 2008 filly, Smart Instant Choice, is a gorgeous bay who is a very versatile horse. He is bred and trained for cutting, but handles any roping and ranch work they ask of him while looking great doing it. He is very special himself, and his ‘black type’ pedigree speaks for itself. Smart Instant Choice, by the great sire SR Instant Choice, is also out of a top daughter of both greats, Smart Little Lena and Millie Montana, both of whom won the NCHA Futurity and have gone on to become one of the most prolific sires and a producing dam. All the greats right there, and his name ‘says’ it all.

This outstanding girl should have the size, looks, and ability to get ‘down’ on a cow, turn and burn, rope or game, anywhere, have great disposition, in other words, the ‘whole’ package.

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Cats Royal Badger
2008 Sorrel Mare AQHA# 5151913

Cats Highlight High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory
Smart Little Kitty
Almost Starlight Grays Starlight
Almost Gray
Royal Mis Badger 073 San Man Colonel San Colonel
Bit A Colonel
Pretty Handy Doc Handle Bar Doc
Queen Jessie Bar
This mare is big, confident, and very flashy. Her sire, Cats Highlight, is an own son of High Brow Cat, out of a daughter of Grays Starlight. Proving his heritage of trainability and talent, Cats Highlight was trained for both cutting and reining, then sold before showing due to a divorce.

He is so versatile, he won a buckle at his first roping jackpot with the new owners!

Royal Mis Badger's sire, San Man Colonel, has produced NCHA money earners and AQHA point earners in several events.

'Little Peppy' and Colonel Freckles is proven to be a 'Magic Cross' many times over the years, and is still going strong.

On the bottom, this mare's granddam is Pretty Handy Doc, who earned a Superior in Heading, 44 AQHA points in Dally Heeling, Working Cow Horse, and in Reining.

'Little Handy', aka Royal Mis Badger, was ridden and she is very kind and talented. Right now she is proving her value as a broodmare as you can see. Her first filly by this cross was lost to a mountain lion. Handle Bar Doc is listed as #18 in the 2007 Equistat Top 50 Maternal Grandsires in Reined Cow Horse Statistics, and, along with both Peppy San Badger and Colonel Freckles, Handle Bar Doc is also in the AQHA Hall of Fame, and he is also the only World Champion by Doc Bar!

This mare will have the athletic ability and size to rope and should be full of cow. It runs in the family! She has good bone, feet, and structure to stay the distance from ranching to the arena. Her granddam, Pretty Handy Doc is still sound as a dollar at 27 years old.

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Miss Kitty O Dually
2009 Palomino Mare AQHA# 5210330

Golden Dually Dual Pep Peppy San Badger
Miss Dual Doc
CJ Honey CJ Sugar
Peps Golden Step
HP Miss Kitty O Lena Doctor Wood Doc O'Lena
Guthrie Red Ann
Paula Red Kat Pobre Kat
Seco Gabriela
'Nugget' is a very well bred filly, and it shows. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to have leased her dam HP Miss Kitty O Lena, who is by Doctor Wood out of a King Ranch mare, to breed to Golden Dually. What a great cross it is! She was pink with a pink dorsal stripe and now is a beautiful golden palomino with a white mane and tail like her daddy. She is very easy going and sweet to work with. She just keeps getting better.

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CD Boonjos In Me 073
2003 Red Roan Mare AQHA# 4333398

CD Blue Boon In Me CD Olena Doc O'Lena
CD Chica San Badger
Dualin Boonjos Dual Pep
Royal Blue Boon
Lady Lakeland Quixote Doc Doc Quixote
Prissy Lynnea
Lakeland Kilebar Roosters Joe
Little Kilebar

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Royal Mis Badger 073
2003 Bay Mare AQHA# 4358077

San Man Colonel San Colonel Peppy San Badger
Colonels Tari
Bit A Colonel Cononel Freckles
Blanco Glo
Pretty Handy Doc Handle Bar Doc Doc Bar
Camelot Clabber
Queen Jessie Bar Jessie Tambien
Payola Patsy
A flashy bay mare with a big blaze and two hind socks. We are thrilled to have her, as she is of out of Pretty Handy Doc, who has proven herself in the pen, and as a broodmare.

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Rey Jay Carol
1995 Chestnut Mare AQHA#3412972

Rey Jay Doc Handle Bar Doc Doc Bar
Camelot Clabber
Reilena Rey Jay
Smokey's Carol Smokey's Flame Skipper's Smoke
Rita's Candy
Bonnie Chief Peppy Solis
Bonnie Jo II
Take a really close look at this mares babies. If you need a gorgeous and correct athlete, She is an athlete producer!

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Pretty Handy Doc
1983 Bay Mare AQHA# 2005068

Handle Bar Doc Doc Bar Lightning Bar
Dandy Doll
Camelot Clabber G-Fern Clabber Star
Camelot's Honesty
Queen Jessie Bar Jessie Tambien Jessie Bueno
Triangle Lady 49
Payola Patsy Leon Bars
Royal Patsy
Bred by Earl Lang of Frankston, Texas, and foaled in 1983, she was sold as a yearling to Lonnie and Barbara Allsup of the famous El Cid Ranch, whose brand she still carries. Trained and shown, she proved her quality and versatility. She earned a Register of Merit in 1987, and altogether has a total of 44 performance points in 4 events. She was shown and earned points in Cowhorse,Heeling, Heading, and Reining.

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Little Rey of Okie
2006 Chestnut Mare AQHA# 4906869

Poco Okie Doke Docs Okie Quixote Doc Quixote
Jimmette Too
Poco Pines Dyna Poco Pine
Sugar Bid
Rey Jay Carol Rey Jay Doc Handle Bar Doc
Smokey's Carol Smokey's Flame
Bonnie Chief

Patches got her nickname from an injury on her back as a weanling. She is a very pretty and correct sorrel daughter of Poco Okie Doke out of Rey Jay Carol.

She is the only mare we have bred that has not been ridden before breeding because of her back, but we have worked with her since she was a weanling and her siblings are being used for everything from cutting , roping, ranching, show, to trails. Proof of the all-around use we strive for in the horses we raise and sell.

She is now 4 years old and just had a top notch filly by LW Playguns Diamond on April 30th 2010. This is her first foal and she is bred to do it all.


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Salsa Lena 073
2005 Chestnut Mare AQHA# 4657464

San Man Colonel San Colonel Peppy San Badger
Colonels Tari
Bit A Colonel Colonel Freckles
Blanco Glo
Rey Jay Carol Rey Jay Doc Handle Bar Doc
Smokey's Carol Smokey's Flame
Bonnie Chief
Salsa is a big boned powerful young mare. She shows outstanding muscle and bone structure and looks just like her sire, San Man Colonel. Her mother, Rey Jay Carol, is one of our best producers. Salsa was started as a 3 year old with Stacey Ogren, we expect her to excel as a rope horse. When she is ready she will be hauled to jackpots and seasoned on the road.

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